Summary of Audiological Services

Champion, Partners in Rehab provides audiological services to ensure that our patients are able to maximally benefit from therapy services, participate in social interactions, and understand information about their condition and care.

Audiological Services in Gadsden, AL

What are the benefits of an audiological evaluation?

  • Identification of hearing loss
  • Immediate recommendations
  • Treatment of hearing loss
  • Increase in communication
  • Improve quality of life
  • Maximize therapeutic activities
  • Increase alertness and safety
  • Cerumen assessment and removal
  • Covered by Medicare and most other insurance

What happens during the audiological evaluation?

  • The audiologist reviews the patient’s medical history and asks the patient questions about his/her medical and hearing history.
  • The audiologist then examines the patient’s ears with a light (otoscope). If cerumen is present, the audiologist provides cerumen removal and/or management.
  • A series of tests are conducted to assess if there is a hearing loss. A tympanometer is used to test the mobility of the eardrum and to check for acoustic reflexes. Tympanometry is useful to determine middle ear pathologies, such as fluid or pressure behind the eardrum. Next an audiometer is used to determine the patient’s level of hearing and speech reception to diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss.
  • Test results are reviewed with the patient and/or family and with the speech therapist.
  • If the patient has hearing aids, the audiologist can clean the aids and check them for appropriate functioning.
  • If hearing loss is present, treatment options such as aural rehabilitation and the use of an assistive listening device will be discussed with the patient and his or her family.


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